Manitobans who cannot afford hearing aids could potentially get a recycled one from a charitable program operated through a partnership between the Lions Hearing Foundation and a Winnipeg hearing aid retailer.

Horizon Hearing Centres donates the time and services to fit the refurbished hearing aids.

"We don’t think that there should be any limitations to who hears and who doesn't," owner Kevin Greig told CBC News.

Grieg’s business has partnered with the Manitoba chapter of the Lions Hearing Foundation to bring hearing aids to 20 people in the last three years.

"We are proud to donate our service in this way," Grieg said.

Last week, the CBC News I-Team reported that the price of hearing aids, which can cost thousands of dollars, is a hardship for some seniors because Manitoba does not provide subsidies for everyone.

The long-running charitable program collects recycled hearing aids in more than 100 collection boxes across the province — the same place where the Lions Club collects used eyeglasses.

The boxes can be found at grocery stores, hardware stores and some hearing and vision centres in Manitoba.

The bulk of the hearing aids are donated from relatives of those who have passed away, from nursing homes, and from people whose hearing has changed or whose aids needed upgrading.

Manufacturers and hearing centres also donate floor models and hearing aids they cannot sell.

The hearing aids are recycled by Horizon Hearing Centres, where new ear moulds are made and fitted for clients.

The program is open to those who are on low incomes, and approval is based on a financial assessment.

Applications are available through the Lions Hearing Foundation in Manitoba by calling (204) 772-1899.