The leader of the PC Party made a few interesting comments this morning, in a radio interview with CBC Calgary, two weeks before Albertans hit the polls. 


Kyle Bakx is a CBC reporter based in Calgary. (CBC)

The interview kicked off with Alison Redford being asked her thoughts on how the party has faired thus far:

"I think if you ask any political leader... the answer is probably that people would like to see stronger results sooner, faster and more consistently."  

What she sees happening from now until election day:  

"In the next two weeks people will look at character of candidates, the character of the leaders."  

On the upcoming televised leaders' debate:

 "I am looking forward to it.... it's a format that is going to allow for a lot of back and forth between candidates. And I think candidates will have to be pretty consistent in terms of what they've said."  

And Redford on dealing with the pressure of 41 years of Tory rule:

"I don't think about it a lot..... the political landscape today is very different than it was four years ago or ten years ago."  

Click on the link above for the full interview with Alison Redford on the Calgary Eyeopener on CBC Radio 1.