Some food service employees at Red River College may not be laid off after all.


Red River College says it will meet with the Manitoba Government Employees Union next week to discuss possible alternatives to food services staff layoffs at its Notre Dame campus. (Google Street View)

College president Stephanie Forsyth announced on Tuesday that officials may explore alternative options with regards to food services staffing at its Notre Dame campus.

The Manitoba Government Employees Union, the union representing the food services workers, earlier told CBC News that it was told some employees from the Notre Dame campus would be let go next year, with the work going to a private contractor.

In a memo sent to the college community late Tuesday afternoon, Forsythe acknowledged that meetings were held with its food services staff on Monday.

"Since yesterday's meeting, however, there have been further conversations that lead us to believe that we may have other options to explore and, as a result, we will be meeting with the MGEU early next week," she said in the memo.