The Manitoba Trucking Association is calling on the provincial government to rebuild Highway 75 so it would not be affected by spring floods.

The stretch of Highway 75 that runs between Winnipeg and Emerson — and runs through the town of Morris — has been shut down during past floods, including those in 2009 and 2011.

This spring, the provincial government is predicting flood conditions similar to 2009, and officials believe the highway will likely have to close again.

The trucking association estimates that the closure of Highway 75 costs the industry about $1.5 million a week, so truckers could lose upwards of $8 million this spring if the highway is closed for at least 38 days, like it was in 2009.

Those costs will ultimately be passed along to consumers, executive director Bob Dolyniuk stated in a news release.

"Trucks are re-routed hundreds of kilometres every time Highway 75 is shut down due to flooding," he said in the release.

"Shippers have to expect added time required for deliveries as a result. Our trucks have to burn more fuel as a result of the detour, there is the added wear-and-tear on the trucks due to the extra mileage; all of those costs add up."

The association is calling on the province to rebuild Highway 75 "in such a way that it is not impacted by flooding."

"To be preparing for the closure of this highway due to flooding once again emphasizes the long-known need to either better protect Highway 75 at Morris or find a reasonable and more direct alternative route," said Terry Shaw, the association's general manager.