Manitoba will contribute new equipment for the RCMP that includes a drone, with money from property seized during criminal investigations.

RCMP in Prince Edward Island have had a drone since January. It's a miniature helicopter which caries a camera and operates by remote control.  

The Manitoba government said Friday the Criminal Property Forfeiture Fund will provide nearly $205,000, which will be invested in new equipment for the RCMP, such as an "unmanned aerial device" to be used in search and rescue missions, during traffic accidents or critical incident investigations. 

It will also help pay for: 

  • two automated licence plate readers 
  • surveillance equipment for the Manitoba Integrated Organized Crime Task Force
  • a trailer to transport tactical unit equipment during an emergency response
  • existing programs in Stonewall and Selkirk for at-risk youth and their families

Some of the money will also go towards the province's Victims' Services programs.

The province said since 2010, more than $8 million in seized assets have been reinvested in police agencies and victims' services.