RCMP have seized a counterfeit Canada Goose jacket that had raccoon dog fur for trim and duck feathers in place of down.

Officers said the counterfeit jacket would not keep the wearer warm, and consumers should be vigilant when making decisions to purchase consumer goods.

Canada Goose duck

Duck feathers found inside counterfeit Canada Goose jackets are shown at a RCMP press conference on Thursday. (Marjorie Dowhos/CBC)

The jacket was seized and later tested at the Assiniboine Park Zoo, revealing the trim was in fact a raccoon dog pelt, rather than coyote fur.

As for filling, the jacket was stuffed with Chinese domestic duck feathers, rather than goose down.

The Canada Goose company has had issues with counterfeit jackets being sold in the past. Their products typically cost between $600-$800, but knockoffs and counterfeits have been found for about $100.

Avie Kaplan sells genuine Canada Goose jackets at Village Street Wear on Corydon Avenue. He said he sells the coats for about $600.

"It's really probably one of the best lines we've ever had to deal with," he said. "Canada Goose doesn't like to deal with people who discount their product because they can't supply the worldwide demand."

About five to six counterfeit Canada Goose jackets are found in the province each year, and they appear to be coming from China, RCMP said.

RCMP said consumers should use the “four Ps” to determine if an item is fake or not. Packaging, price, place and product quality should all give indicators of whether or not the item is genuine, they said. 


  • The original article identified the fur used as "raccoon" when in fact it was "raccoon dog."
    Dec 19, 2013 3:38 PM CT