RCMP led on 90-minute car chase through southern Manitoba

RCMP officers went on a high-speed chase through Headingley and down Highway 230 Thursday night.

Car towing trailer leads police on high-speed chase in rural Manitoba for 90 minutes

Adriana O’Neil said a car towing a trailer lead police on a high-speed chase through this area. This cruiser car spun out into the ditch, she said. (Adriana O’Neil)

RCMP officers were led on a high-speed chase through southern Manitoba for more than an hour Thursday night.

Adriana O’Neil said she was driving to Portage la Prairie to do some storm chasing just before 7 p.m., when she spotted a small car pulled over by two RCMP cruisers in Headingley.

“There were two people sitting in the car – it looked like two women,” said O’Neil.

RCMP later said three people were actually in the vehicle, and an officer confirmed the car fled after it was stopped in the area.

“We were almost at Oakville – the 230 Highway turnoff – suddenly a car passed us on the shoulder doing about 200 kilometres an hour and that was the car that had been pulled over in Headingley,” she said O'Neil. “We saw them in a cloud of dust turn off onto the 230 [Highway].”

O’Neil said RCMP cruisers zoomed past shortly after.

She kept driving and eventually came across a cruiser car spun out in the ditch.

“You can tell it was a mad spin out on the road,” she said. “[The cruiser is now] in the ditch, in the snow. I guess [the officers’] cohorts picked them up.”

RCMP said the chase finally ended near Fannystelle, Man., shortly before 8 p.m. All three people who were in the vehicle were taken into custody.