RAW:almond organizers prepare for opening of Churchill location

The creators of a magical winter dining experience in Winnipeg are taking their tents north to Churchill to serve cuisine with ingredients that would have been common to people in the area 250 years ago.

Northern winter pop-up restaurant open to public March 10-12

The RAW:Churchill restaurant will be inside the Fort Prince of Wales March 10-12. (Courtesy Joe Kalturnyk)

The creators of a magical winter dining experience in Winnipeg are taking their tents north, where food from 250 years ago will be on the menu.

RAW:Churchill, a version of RAW:almond, the restaurant that pops up annually at the frozen junction of the Red and Assiniboine rivers, will open to the public for just three days in March.
Fort Prince of Wales at Churchill will be the next location for the RAW:almond pop-up restaurant. (Courtesy Joe Kalturnyk)

The heated tent will be set up inside the 250-year-old Prince of Wales Fort in Churchill, where chef Mandel Hitzer will prepare cuisine using ingredients that were common in the late 1700s. 

"It's going to be inspired by the same types of ingredients that explorers and adventurers and First Nations folks that were around Prince Wales Fort 250 years ago would have used in their meals at the time," said John Gunter, president of Frontiers North Adventures. 

Hitzer and others with RAW:almond have teamed up with Parks Canada and Frontiers North Adventures to make the Churchill restaurant a reality.

Guests will be able to gaze up through the restaurant's transparent roof while chowing down to get a glimpse of the northern lights, Gunter said.

And while the opening day is fast approaching, he admits organizers still have to work through some kinks before patrons will be allowed in.

"What's kind of interesting about Tundra buggies is that they don't really operate that well in deep snow, so right now we're figuring out how to get into the fort, which has snow drifts way over my head," Gunter said.

RAW:Churchill runs March 10-12.