Winnipeg is now home to one of the rarest and most expensive grand pianos on the market, and it belongs to a 10-year-old local piano prodigy.

Sarah Shing is the proud owner of a Fazioli concert grand piano, which was purchased from Vancouver-based Showcase Pianos.

Sarah Shing with piano

Sarah Shing plays her new Fazioli concert grand piano, which was purchased from Vancouver-based Showcase Pianos. (CBC)

The Grade 5 piano student, who has won gold performances and music scholarships and performed with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, said she first saw the Fazioli at one of the most esteemed piano competitions in the world.

"It's really special because it was played in the Honens competition in Calgary, and it's signed by Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea," she said Monday.

"I never thought I would ever get something in the house that was this special."

Shing started learning piano at the age of three, and she scored 98.8 per cent on her Grade 4 exam.

Showcase Pianos owner Manuel Bernaschek, who is the representative for Fazioli in Western Canada, said each Italian-made piano takes up to three years to make.

Fazioli piano

Each Fazioli piano takes up to three years to make, according to Vancouver-based Showcase Pianos, which sells the rare Italian-made pianos in western Canada. (CBC)

The piano has parts plated in 18-carat gold, and the soundboard is carved from the same trees that Antonio Stradivari used for his famous instruments, according to the company.

"The list price is around $270,000 or $280,000, so it's about double the price of what … a comparable Steinway concert grand is in the same size," Bernaschek said.

Bernaschek said it's believed that Shing's piano is the first Fazioli in Winnipeg.