The University of Manitoba is a hub of kindness this week, with international students at the centre of a sweet movement that’s bringing smiles, and treats to people across campus.

The university’s International College of Manitoba has launched Random Acts of Kindness Week, aiming to make it easy for students to do nice things for each other and pay it forward.

Susan Dean, the ICM’s principal, said the aim of the week is to “engage our students in building a community within ICM firstly, then within the university and the City of Winnipeg and then Canada.”

The school has launched a bunch of small activities including a Thankful Thursday wall where students post things they’re thankful for and Candy-Gram Friday with proceeds going to the university’s food bank .

“It really feels nice. Everyone should take part in it — make somebody smile,” said Maunika Patel. Patel moved to Winnipeg from Kenya in January to study at the university.

Random Acts of Kindness

Maunika Patel, an international student from Kenya, writes down what she's thankful for during Random Acts of Kindness week at the University of Manitoba. She said she's "thankful to my parents for letting me move here. I'm thankful to everybody here because I feel so welcome here." (Meagan Fiddler/CBC)

She’s one of almost 900 students from 72 different countries who left home to attend the U of M this year.

“It’s normal to feel lonely and homesick and anxious, so acts like this help them really come out,” said Deane.