There's a unique program in Winnipeg that is helping mothers and daughters communicate.

It's called Mothers and Daughters in Touch and it's run by the Seven Oaks School Division.

'Sometimes we need to stop and think and listen.' - Rabiena Sharif

Every week moms and their 9 - 11 year old daughters gather at Ecole Riverbend school, north of Kildonan Park to listen to each other and to learn. 

They talk about everything from puberty to peer pressure. The idea is to help mothers and their daughters learn to listen and respect each others feelings.

The challenge most parents are faced with is finding the time to get it right.

The program has been running for a few weeks, but already the moms are having some 'aha' moments. This includes being aware of their body language and slowing down to listen.

Rabiena Sharif and her daughter Farnaaz are taking the class together. They hope they can simply spend more time together, one on one. 

"I have a seven year old and I find that everywhere we go, the three of us always go together," explained Rabiena. "Also there are lots of challenges coming up and I would like to know how to handle these situations."

"I thought it would be a good opportunity to get more time with her because my brother is always is with her," said Farnaaz. "I never seem to get time to spend with her by myself."

"Sometimes I need to stop and listen to her way because it's not always about me," realized her mother. "Sometimes we need to stop and think and listen."

"My mom sometimes cuts me off in the middle of my sentences," said daughter Farnaaz. "She's learned not to do that because it gets me very upset."

The goal of the program is to get moms and daughters talking and that's the first step.

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