Some Manitobans are still trying to reverse a tax hike that came into effect weeks ago.

Colin Craig with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation delivered a petition with more than 8,000 signatures on it, all protesting the recent increase to the provincial sales tax, to the legislative building in Winnipeg on Wednesday.

In the latest budget, the NDP government announced it would raise PST to eight per cent from seven per cent. Retailers began charging the extra per cent tax on July 1.

"Manitobans have to keep speaking out. I mean, we have to let governments know that it's not acceptable to keep raising taxes faster than people's paycheques," Craig said.

"Government needs to be affordable, and right now what's happening is it's not affordable for a lot of people."

The petition was printed on papers that stacked more than 30 centimetres tall and was delivered to Liberal Leader Jon Gerrard and Progressive Conservative MLA Reg Helwer.

"People are engaged and they're very upset at what the government has done, raising taxes when they went out in the election and told people there was not a chance that they were going to raise taxes," Helwer aid.

"Every NDP candidate said that at the door and lied to Manitobans."

Helwer said people are also angry with the government for not holding a referendum on the tax increase.

The province has shown no sign it plans to reverse the PST hike. Officials have said they will use the funds raised to improve infrastructure in Manitoba.