A deal has been reached to end a filibuster at the Manitoba legislature.

The opposition and government have agreed to let Bill 20, which will raise the provincial sales tax one percentage point to eight per cent on July 1, pass second reading tonight.

That paves the way for public hearings to begin on June 27 and continue the following week.

Opposition Tory house leader Kelvin Goertzen has been holding up passage of the bill by speaking for an hour or more each day.

He says the agreement to end the filibuster is a good one, because the government has agreed to a hearing schedule that will let presenters know exactly when they will get to speak.

The filibuster has also scored political points for the opposition, by forcing the government to raise the tax before the public hearings.

NDP house leader Jennifer Howard says the agreement to end the logjam means many important bills, and the government's budget, will soon be passed as well.