Three new QuickCare clinics in Winnipeg will start seeing patients in the New Year, announced the provincial government on Monday.

The clinics will be located in the neighbourhoods of: Southdale (115 Vermillion Rd.), Seven Oaks (930 Jefferson Ave.), and west Winnipeg (3250 Portage Ave.).

"QuickCare clinics have served more than 160,000 patients since the opening of the first clinic, in 2012," said Manitoba Health Minister Sharon Blady in a news release.  

"With three more clinics open by spring 2016, we can only expect these numbers to grow."

Health issues QuickCare Clinics can help with:

  • Bumps, bruises, or sprains;
  • rashes, eczema, infected cuts, or minor sores;
  • sore throat, earache, colds and flu, cough, hay fever, or nose bleeds;
  • immunizations;
  • sore eyes with redness or infection;
  • stomach pain, diarrhea and vomiting, urinary infections, or indigestion;
  • headache, back pain, or neck pain;
  • birth control or breast feeding issues; and
  • stress or anxiety.

The Southdale clinic and west Winnipeg clinic will begin accepting patients in January, said the province. The Seven Oaks location is expected to open in the spring.

QuickCare clinics are convenient for families when their regular health-care provider may not be available such as over the holidays or on weekends, said the province.

Locations of Manitoba QuickCare clinics currently open:


  • 363 McGregor St. 
  • 17 St. Mary's Rd.
  • 620 Dakota St. 


  • Clearspring Mall 


  • Unit 3, 1020 Manitoba Ave.