Whiteshell Provincial Park is getting $16.6 million in provincial funding to help in its redevelopment.

The money will be put into 28 new projects including more than one-kilometre of repaved road, parking for up to 300 cars and boat trailers, new boat ramps, decorative walkway lighting and more trees and benches.

"It’s looking tired, it’s in a sad condition," said Conservation and Water Stewardship Minister Gord Mackintosh. "We know that it’s time for a refresh of this tremendous jewel. It’s time to keep this fabulous park one of our favourites."

"Whiteshell has more than 1.4 million visits each year and we are making these investments because I want families to be able to continue enjoying the rushing rivers, waterfalls, beaches, plentiful wildlife, outstanding trails and clear deep lakes that make up this great natural playground."

The province of Manitoba’s dedication of $16.6 million — to be invested by 2020 — is the park’s largest ever investment.