The Manitoba Progressive Conservatives have parted ways with one of the party's Interlake candidates due to concerns his candidacy could hurt the party heading into the April provincial election.

David Horbas

David Horbas has been dropped as the Manitoba Progressive Conservative's candidate for the Selkirk constituency. (Manitoba Progressive Conservatives)

In a statement posted to the Tories' website Friday, the party announced it had dropped Selkirk constituency candidate David Horbas due to issues with his performance and level of campaign involvement.

The decision was the result of a review by the PCs' candidate selection committee, which ruled Horbas be let go due to "ongoing shortcomings" dating back to his 2014 nomination.

"The candidate selection committee is satisfied that this candidacy has become — and would continue to be — seriously problematic and not in the best interests of the party," the statement on the party's website reads.

The party has yet to release any details about who will be running in Horbas's place.

Horbas issued the following statement Sunday night:

I thanked [the party] for all the support that had been given to me over the past 14 months, and that I was disappointed if I had let them down in some way. I truly appreciated all the support I received from many, many people these past 14 months. I especially thank the majority of Selkirk members who selected me by majority vote in the contested nomination meeting.

I am disappointed with the decision of the party, and with the way my case was handled. I feel at the least that I should have been given specifics of my alleged deficient performance, and an opportunity to defend myself and correct any shortcomings, as would any employee. As a member of the team I would have willingly stepped aside if anyone could have simply explained to me how that would be in the best interest of the party.

I want to most sincerely thank all of the people of Selkirk and St. Clements for their support and encouragement, but I will no longer be allowed to represent them as the PC party candidate.