Speeding in construction zone tickets are up two months after new legislation expanded what people can be ticketed for and how much they'll pay if they get caught. 

In May, fines doubled and it became mandatory for drivers to obey lower speed limits in construction zones — whether workers are present or not.


Brittany Murray was struck and killed while working on a Manitoba highway.

The legislation came after 21-year old Brittany Murray was struck and killed while working on a Manitoba highway in 2010.

Since the legislation expanded, officers have been handing out more than double the number of tickets they normally do.

This year from mid-May to mid-July, officers handed out 143 tickets for speeding in construction zones. The same period last year saw only 65 tickets for the offence.

Const. Steve Bowen with the traffic unit said drivers are just going too fast.

"Definitely those flag men ... bear a huge risk when they are out here on the side of the road," said Bowen.

Bowen has been set up in a construction zone along Bishop Grandin Boulevard this week, using a laser device to track and nab speeders.

"I could actually, out of a pack of six vehicles, identify within that pack maybe two or three speeders,” said Bowen.

Bowen said this week, 96 tickets were doled out in Winnipeg construction areas in one day alone.

Joran Anderson got a ticket this week for speeding in a construction zone. He said he understands why the officers are out there doing it.

"It helps keep the construction workers safe," said Anderson, who added he will have trouble coming up with the money for the ticket. "I also think at the same time it's a little costly for someone like me."

MPI’s Maria Minenna said she hopes the expanded law and new fines will make Manitobans think twice about speeding past construction zones.

“If we get accustomed, we change our behaviour … around construction zones,” said Minenna. “We need to slow down, be cautious and be aware. That way we can avoid any types of consequences.”

Fees for speeding in construction zones

MPI ticket schedule

This Manitoba Public Insurance chart shows the new fees for speeding in a construction zone. (Manitoba Public Insurance)