Winnipeggers will have to pay more for chocolate this Valentine’s Day if they plan on buying local.

Fred Morden is the owner of local chocolate shop Morden’s of Winnipeg Candy.

He said a recent price-hike for sugar and cocoa has forced him to raise prices for customers.

“The price of raw chocolate has bounced around a bit in the last few months. It’s gone up about 30 per cent since last fall,” said Morden.

The price hike comes in time for the busiest day of the year for his shop.

Morden said he makes several weeks worth of profit in one day on Valentine’s Day.

But that profit comes with a ton of extra work.

“We’ve been working late nights, early mornings,” he said. “We’ve been going from about 7 a.m. right until about 6:30 p.m.”

The store is now ready for the onslaught of Feb. 14 customers, he added.