Hundreds of cottagers in northwestern Ontario are still without power following a severe storm that blew through Manitoba and into that area Tuesday night.

Cottagers say the storm came up quickly, ripping up trees, damaging roofs and breaking windows.

Tanyss Ward and her husband, both Winnipeggers who retired in Ingolf — located just across the Ontario border about 150 kilometres east of Winnipeg — say helicopters have been flying in new hydro poles and generators to repair the damage.

Ward said the damage to her yard and garden are overwhelming.

"Just this feeling of helplessness … looking at the whole thing and thinking this is the way this place is going to look like from now on," she said. "I mean we are in our 60s. These trees aren't going to grow back in our lifetime. So that's kind of stressful."

Ward said they are getting by with a generator and by barbecuing their meals.

She hopes power will be restored by Friday night.