It was deja vu in the dark for about 8,000 Manitoba Hydro customers in Winnipeg on Monday.

People in parts of East Kildonan, West Kildonan and Garden City were left powerless from just after 12 a.m. until about 2:30 a.m.

Hydro spokesman Anthony Koop said the problem on Monday affected the same feeder lines as those that cut out on Sunday, when two pole-tops on Aberdeen Avenue caught fire.

Moisture from a fresh snowfall, combined with dirt buildup on the wires, caused a short circuit that led to the fire.

There was no fire on Monday, but the same combination of moisture and dirt was blamed again for causing a short circuit.

It's a common problem during spring melting, according to Koop, who said crews were busy with five pole top fires on Sunday alone.

Some spring showers would help clean off the poles and reduce the problem, he said.



Koop says crews were busy with five pole top fires yesterday alone.