Police in Winnipeg are going door to door in the Notre Dame area investigating what may be a case involving body parts.

A person on the scene told CBC News he saw something that looked like a bag with body parts inside.

notre dame avenue winnipeg mb

A back lane, between Toronto Street and Victor Street has been cordoned-off with police tape and the police department's identification unit has been on the scene.

Jesse Kehler, who lives in the area, told CBC News he happened to be walking past the scene just as police arrived around 10 a.m. CT.

He said he saw what looked to him like body parts in bags.

"It was one large clear plastic bag, and several other small bags," he said. "We walked past and they had opened up the bag, and we seen, well, the mess."

Police confirmed Saturday afternoon that they were investigating a find near a garbage bin, but did not provide any more information.

"Officers located evidence near a garbage bin," police said in a release. "Efforts are continuing to determine the nature of this discovery."