A 35-year-old Poplar River man is home safe and sound after he was reported missing and rescued by search crews over the weekend.

RCMP received a report of a missing boater shortly after 10 a.m. Sunday. The man had last been seen on Saturday afternoon as he left Matheson Island and headed to Poplar River by boat.

A Royal Canadian Air Force Hercules aircraft from 17 Wing Winnipeg of the Canadian Forces started the search, and a second one that took over dropped a radio to establish communication with the missing man.

Search and rescue crews homed in on the signal and dropped two survival bundles for him that included food, water, a portable cooking stove and a shelter. 

Eventually, police said two crew members parachuted to the site as night was approaching and it was growing cold.

They stayed with the man overnight.

On Monday morning, Poplar River RCMP chartered a helicopter that picked him and the two search and rescue technicians up from the shoreline, about 35 km south of Poplar River.

Police said the boater did not require any medical attention and was returned home safely.