'Sorry we're full': Long waits at free pool irk Winnipeg swimmers

Some St. Boniface swimmers say long waits at their local pool have left them heated.

Pool capacity capped at 30 people

Nancy Pelletier says long waits at Happyland Outdoor Pool are making it next to impossible to go for a summer swim. (CBC)

Nancy Pelletier isn't happy.

The Winnipeg woman wants to go for a dip in her her local city pool but says long lineups have made that next to impossible.

"You should be able to enjoy your summer and you shouldn't have to be turned away," said Pelletier.

She said she recently waited more than 45 minutes to get into Happyland Outdoor Pool with her nephew.

"This goes on daily here. They say 'sorry we're full.'"

St. Boniface resident Sandra Dupuis said she's frustrated by long lines at the pool. She said a pool staffer told her lifeguards at the free pool have been moved over to other paid city pools and wants to know why.

A sign outside the pool warns capacity is capped at 30 people. (CBC)

City looking at staffing

"How much less do we deserve?" asked a frustrated Dupuis Saturday night.

Pelletier said just two lifeguards at the pool means only 30 people can swim at once.

She's given up on trying to get in and encouraged anyone coming to arrive right when the pool opens.

"If you're going to come to this pool you better be here at 1 o'clock. That's the only way you're going to get in."

A City of Winnipeg spokesperson said the city is looking into staffing levels at the pool.

"The safety of pool users is our priority and the lifeguard to patron ratio is set to ensure the wellbeing of those using our aquatic facilities," the spokesperson said.

with files from Dereck Doherty