Police use social media to snag alleged graffiti vandal

Police in Winnipeg say online postings helped lead them to a suspect connected to graffiti tags spray-painted on buildings in the city.

Police in Winnipeg say photos posted online helped lead them to a suspect connected to graffiti that was spray-painted on buildings in the city.

Police said the investigation began in early April and concentrated on defaced buildings in the city's St. Boniface neighbourhood.

Over the course of the investigation, police identified over 100 spray-painted tags of the word "Carot" on city property, private businesses and residences.

Police said pictures of the graffiti that were posted online helped lead them to a 19-year-old man who was arrested and charged Friday.

The man is now facing 43 charges of mischief.

Police added that their investigation is ongoing and they are interested in finding other buildings that may have been vandalized with the tags "Carot," "Urban Graff King," or "UGF."

St. Boniface resident Tim Fillion told CBC News Saturday that graffiti vandals use the cover of darkness to deface buildings.

"It's always late at night and they just start taking a can of spray paint and ... they start spraying away," Fillion said. "There's not much we can do about it."

He said things have become so bad that many people don't bother to try and remove the graffiti.

"I see one guy out there trying to scrub it off," he said. "It came to a point where he just gave up. I don't blame the guy."