A Winnipeg police officer shot by his own weapon while it was holstered is at home recovering, says police Chief Danny Smyth.

"I know that officer is now convalescing at home. He still has a long recovery," Smyth said on Friday.

The officer was taking part in a firearms training course on Aug. 7 when he and his partner went to a store on Taylor Avenue to get lunch.

The officer, who had his gun in his holster, opened his car door with one hand while holding his lunch with the other, police said in August.

As the officer sat down, the gun went off and shot him in the lower leg, severing three arteries.

Police believe they have discovered the reason the weapon — a Glock 35 — fired, Smyth said. 

"We will be working with provincial safety and health for the oversight on that," he said, adding he could not provide more information at this time.

Danny Smyth

Winnipeg police Chief Danny Smyth says an officer who was shot in the leg while his gun was holstered still faces a long recovery. (CBC)

Police have also been investigating whether there have been similar incidents in other police departments.

"Once we started to research a little bit, we are aware of an incident in Calgary that occurred some years ago and then another event that happened in the last few years in New Jersey, all with the same weapon, which is a Glock," Smyth said.

"It's rare but it's not unheard of."

Smyth said police are concerned that it was a mechanical error and have taken steps to examine the weapons of all officers.