A polar bear that got into more than its fair share of mischief this month was captured near Churchill, Man., earlier this week.

Officials say the polar bear was responsible for at least seven break-ins of sheds and cottages near the northern Manitoba community.

The polar bear mainly broke windows, doors and sidings as part of its spree, which began Oct. 3, but the large creature also helped itself to somebody's supply of moose meat.

Brett Wlock, a natural resources officer, says the bear eluded them for weeks by sleeping far from the subdivision it was raiding.

"A bear that has damaged this much is quite unusual, but it's not uncommon for a bear to damage a building," he said.

Wlock said the polar bear, which was captured near the community on Monday, will stay in a holding facility until the ice freezes up for the winter. Staff will then release the bear so it can hunt, he added.