A Winnipeg renter is miffed after a snowplow knocked over the 90-year-old fence surrounding her home on Wednesday night.

Iris Jackson said the plows came by her building on Grosvenor Avenue at about 9 p.m., and unbeknownst to her smashed a historic fence that surrounded the property.

Historic fence smashed

This historic fence on Grosvenor Avenue was destroyed by a snowplow. Nearby residents want answers about how it happened and why plow drivers didn't notify the people who lived on the property. (Caroline Barghout/CBC)

“I guess they were doing the sidewalk here and just demolished our fence, but the thing is nobody bothered to tell us about it,” she said.

Instead, Jackson got the news from a neighbour, who warned her not to let her dog out because there was no longer a fence to keep the animal enclosed.

“We were lucky that neither one of us had our dogs in the yard at the time,” she said.

Jackson believes the home and fence were constructed in 1924, and the fence is made out of heavy limestone.

“It was quite substantial. I don’t know what they were doing to knock the whole thing down like that,” she said. “They just drove away after knocking our fence over.”

Jackson’s landlord contacted 311 and was told to file a claim with the city.

But Jackson said they have no idea how long the claim will take or when the fence will be repaired.