Some parents in Winnipeg's Transcona area are worried that construction on Plessis Road will compromise their children's safety when a new school year begins Wednesday.

Traffic on Bournais Drive, in front of Bernie Wolfe Community School, has exploded in the weeks since Plessis Road was closed for the construction of a $77-million underpass north of the intersection with Dugald Road.

Drivers who usually take Plessis Road have been asked to take alternative routes for at least the next year.


There's a new speed bump and lower speed limit outside Bernie Wolfe Community School in Transcona, but at least one parent says some motorists are still driving at speeds well above the new limit. (Nelly Gonzalez/CBC)

Joyce Aniel, a mother of two who runs a home-based daycare across the street from Bernie Wolfe, says even though speed bumps were recently installed, motorists are driving at speeds of up to 80 kilometres an hour — well above the posted speed limit of 30 km/h.

"The traffic that's going on right now, it's just ridiculous," Aniel told CBC News on Tuesday.

"I'm not hoping that there will be a kid going to get hit down there, but I wish that the driver will be slowing down."

Aniel said she will walk her son and his two friends to school on Wednesday, just to be safe.

As well, she plans to start a petition calling on the City of Winnipeg to install a crosswalk with lights in front of the school.

School and city officials told CBC News they will have more adult crossing guards on duty by the school.

The Manitoba government recently passed legislation giving municipalities, including the City of Winnipeg, the green light to reduce speed limits around local school zones from 50 kilometres an hour to 30.

Last month, Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz said he hopes speed limits at schools will be lowered across the city sometime this fall.

But Aniel said she would like to see an lower speed limit by her children's school.

"I wish the City of Winnipeg would rather try to reduce the speed limit [to] 10 or something, because this is not going to work. There's going to be a lot of accidents going on here," she said.