Dozens of Pink fans were turned away from the MTS Centre Tuesday night because they had unknowingly bought fake tickets.

In total, about 100 people holding fake tickets were turned away.

Pamela Doyle was one of them.

“To get turned away, I wanted to cry so bad,” she said. “It said it was invalid. We went to the box office, and they told us the tickets were void and had been refunded.”

But the $327 she paid for the tickets wasn’t returned to Doyle’s card.

True North Sports and Entertainment’s Kevin Donnelly said it’s not uncommon for fake tickets to show up at the door, but this was an unusually high volume.

“I don’t think last night was the highest we’d seen, but when you have a sold out show that sells out as quickly as last night’s did, that’s the prime marketplace for those unscrupulous brokers,” said Donnelly. “That’s their prime marketplace to take advantage of people that are desperate to get a ticket.”

Donnelly said to avoid getting scammed, concert-goers should only buy from Ticketmaster.

Doyle said she thought she was buying from Ticketmaster, and her printout even donned the company’s name.

“We must have gotten redirected without even knowing, but it still said we had tickets, we just had to fill everything out,” she said.

Donnelly said the tickets look real because they are often reprints of actual tickets.

“Someone has reprinted a print at home ticket numerous times, and then we have multiple people clamoring to get to this seat,” he said.

But only the first person who arrives gets the seat.

"You know, it's a scene we never like to be a part of, but we find ourselves in the middle of it more often now all the time,” he added.

Fortunately for Doyle, she will be getting a full refund from the company she purchased the tickets from. Next time, she said, she won’t be purchasing tickets online.