There's been an unexpected twist to a court challenge mounted to fight speeding tickets issued using photo radar technology — the first battle has been conceded by those seeking to overturn the tickets.

A hearing in a Winnipeg traffic court was abruptly ended Friday when the people behind the challenge, led by Todd Dube from the group Wise Up Winnipeg, essentially walked away without raising any objection to the ticket.

It means the $266-ticket must be paid.

However, the case was expected to be appealed to a higher court, setting the stage for a legal battle that could be precedent-setting.

Wise Up Winnipeg has expressed doubts about the reliability of photo radar cameras at the intersection of Grant Avenue and Nathaniel Street, when more than 100 people received photo radar tickets at the location. They say they were not speeding and the monitoring equipment was either defective or improperly deployed.

On Friday, the challengers to the ticket said they want to see the manual for the photo radar equipment.

With files from CBC's Nelly Gonzalez