A new technology to nab speeders has hit Winnipeg streets.

Photo-laser guns, a step up from radar, have been targeting school zones for the past two weeks, according to Winnipeg police.

The city approved the technology in December.

Drivers speeding through school zones or playground areas may already have been nabbed.

The handheld device, which uses a laser beam, can photograph speeders in high definition from up to 600 metres away.

Driver Tim Verry has never had a photo-speeding ticket.

But now, he's leery.

"I think its a little spooky if they can do it from quite a distance away"

One anti-photo radar activist says the city is ignoring the real issue.

Todd Dube with "Wise Up Winnipeg" said the money could be better spent.

"If they're going to spend money on new radar equipment, why wouldn't they have invested it in properly, signing the streets and giving drivers a fair chance?"

Dube admits the new lasers are more accurate than photo radar.

Police say the devices are out every day, but only when it's daylight.