It's not what they expected to have for breakfast. Ice cream from one of Winnipeg's beloved ice cream shops — free thanks to a young Winnipeg entrepreneur who wanted to help kick off summer in the city.

"It's pretty awesome," said Elizabeth Kenyon, who was sitting at home in pyjamas when she saw a tweet about free ice cream at the Bridge Drive-In, which opened for the season Saturday.

"It was not something that I certainly expected." Kenyon and her roommate Katie Vankoughnet sprung into action and rushed over to the drive-in to get a cone paid for in full by Peter Takis, 22.

Takis, the young radio host at Virgin Radio Winnipeg and owner of Blacklist clothing shop, said buying the cones was a simple gesture he hopes will be paid forward by the 100 who showed up at BDI to get the ice cream in under an hour.

"Hopefully it kind of like sparks some inspiration and people take it even further," Takis said.

with files by Holly Bernier