Peter n' Chris return to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival with their hit show Peter n' Chris and the Mystery of the Murder Motel.

The Vancouver-based sketch comedy troupe have greatly revised the show since they last brought it here and they are excited to present it in the spacious main theatre of Prairie Theatre Exchange.

Peter 'n Chris and the Mystery of the Murder Motel

Peter 'n Chris and the Mystery of the Murder Motel. (Chris Kattner )

The story is about a dynamic duo, Peter and Chris, who fancy themselves detectives. Their car crashes near a broken-down motel where they need to spend the night and they soon realize the motel manager is a murderer. Their unique brand of physical comedy animates the escapades that unfold.

Meanwhile, Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson have just found out that they have been selected as one of the final five (of several hundred applicants) to pitch their web series at the Pitch 'Til Your Sides Split event, part of Montreal's Just for Laughs Festival. Producers from leading web pages, such as College Humour and, will be in the judges' seats. A win at this event could see their web series go into development, an amazing opportunity for the duo.

"It's pretty sweet, it's very exciting," said Carlone.

"There's one ultimate winner but I feel just a matter of getting in front of these people is pretty great and other stuff comes out of it," added Wilson.

"We're both really proud to be a part of it at this point. We put a lot of work in this trailer and to have it finally be recognized is quite nice," he continued.

The series they are pitching is an extension of their Fringe show, called Hardly Men. Imagine an older version of the Hardy Boys, still running around trying to solve crimes.

The appearance in Montreal means cancelling one Fringe show on July 25. They pitch their web series in Montreal on July 26 at noon, then hop on a plane back to Winnipeg to finish their run at the Fringe.

Peter n' Chris and the Mystery of the Murder Motel runs at Prairie Theatre Exchange as part of the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival every day except July 25 until July 27.