The mayor of St Clements says Patricia Beach has already been flooded twice this month, and he fears it will happen again.

Steve Strang said that's why the RM declared a local state of emergency for lake community Friday, so officials could kickstart improvements to dikes. 

Strang said lake levels are still high, threatening 20 homes and 41 cottages.

He said the state of emergency gives the RM access to properties so it can build a permenant, $800,000 dike.

"We can't wait," he said. "It's not fair to these people being hit twice this month and we have fall storms coming. The level of lake is going to go up before it goes down. It was the right thing to do. We couldn't leave them there doing absolutely nothing."

Strang said the province has a dike improvement program but he didn't want to wait any longer for it.