A woman convicted of manslaughter in the 2001 killing of Manitoba RCMP Const. Dennis Strongquill will be locked up until her sentence expires.

Laurie Bell's statutory release was revoked after she failed to report a relationship to parole officials.

Last June, Bell was allowed to leave her prison cell and live at an Alberta residential treatment facility.

One of the conditions of her freedom was to report to parole officers if she was involved in any intimate relationship.

Parole Board documents obtained by the CBC reveal allegations that Bell was romantically linked to a corrections guard.

Officials found his number on her cellphone under the name "My Boy."

During an interview with corrections officials about the allegation, the phone rang and a male voice was overheard asking Bell, "Why are you going back to jail?"

She told parole officers that the caller was her mother.

Bell denied having any contact with the guard since she had been out of prison.

But her statutory release was immediately revoked.

Strongquill, 52, was gunned down after making a seemingly routine traffic stop on a rural Manitoba highway just days before Christmas 2001. Bell was in the vehicle along with her boyfriend Robert Sand, and his brother, Danny, who was later killed by a police sniper during a standoff at a Saskatchewan motel.

While in prison, Bell was also convicted of assaulting a fellow inmate with a can of mushrooms as her weapon.

Her manslaughter sentence expires in July 2010.