Manitoba Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister announced new responsibilities for his caucus on Wednesday after being elected as MLA for Fort Whyte Tuesday night.

"We will work hard as Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition and will engage members of our party and all Manitobans to help us prepare policies that will earn the support to form government after the next general election," Pallister said.

New PC caucus appointments include:

  • Brian Pallister critic for Federal-Provincial Relations and Francophone Affairs;
  • Myrna Driedger critic for Finance, Civil Service and Crown Corporation Accountability;
  • Blaine Pederson critic for Local Government;
  • Mavis Tallieu Infrastructure Transportation, Emergency Measures and Lotteries critic;
  • Kelvin Goertzen Education critic;
  • Reg Helwer critic for Justice, Attorney General, Constitutional Affairs and MPI;
  • Bonnie Mitchelson Immigration and Multiculturalism critic;
  • Cameron Friesen Health critic;
  • Larry Maguire Conservation and Water Stewardship critic;
  • Ron Schuler critic for Innovation, Energy and Mines, as well as Manitoba Hydro;
  • Heather Stefanson Aboriginal and Northern Affairs critic;
  • Cliff Cullen critic for Healthy Living, Seniors and Consumer Affairs and the Liquor Control Act.;
  • Cliff Graydon critic for Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade;
  • Ian Wishart critic for Housing and Community Development critic;
  • Leanne Rowat critic for Family Services, Labour, Workers Compensation, Persons with Disabilities and Status of Women;
  • Wayne Ewasko critic for Culture, Heritage and Tourism;
  • Stuart Briese critic for Advanced Education and Literacy;
  • Dennis Smook critic for Children and Youth Opportunities and Healthy Child Manitoba;
  • Ralph Eichler critic for Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives.

"These changes reflect a strong, experienced and innovative team of hard-working MLAs who are eager to hold the government accountable while putting forward ideas to build a better Manitoba," said Pallister. "We will earn the support of Manitoba voters by having the best ideas in order to help our province aim higher and achieve its full potential."