Painted pianos roll into downtown Winnipeg

"Wonderful!" "Smart!" "Colourful!" That's how some of the youths at Studio 393 describe their painted pianos.

Youths celebrate the Junos by painting pianos at Studio 393

"Wonderful!" "Smart!" "Colourful!" That's how some of the youths at Studio 393 describe their painted pianos.

The decorated instruments will be rolled out into downtown Winnipeg for everyone to see - and even play - in the days leading up to The Junos.

Studio 393, run by Graffiti Art Programming, is a drop-in centre for youth in Portage Place. The young artists have been paired up with mentors to design and paint seven upright pianos.

"They're all unique," said Pat Lazo, artistic director of Graffiti Gallery. He feels this is a great way to brighten up the city and give people the chance to enjoy some art in their daily lives. 

For the young participants, it's a chance to improve their artistic chops and work on projects that will get a lot of visibility.

A map with the locations of the pianos and information about the artists will be released on March 20.

In the meantime, if you want to see the painted pianos in progress you can pay Studio 393 a visit on the skywalk between The Bay and Portage Place.​