Osborne Bridge renewal begins

Winnipeggers are being dealt a huge traffic headache as the Osborne Street Bridge becomes a construction site starting Tuesday.

Winnipeggers are being dealt a huge traffic headache as the Osborne Street Bridge becomes a construction site starting Tuesday.

The rehabilitation will extend the lifespan of the bridge by up to 75 years. ((Google Maps))

The southbound median lane from Broadway to River Avenue will be closed and traffic will be reduced to three lanes on Osborne.

As well, left turns will not be permitted at several intersections along Osborne.

The $17-million project includes road resurfacing and reconstruction on Osborne from Roslyn Road to a point just north of the Broadway and Osborne intersection.

Why the work?

Over the years, extensive repairs have been done to the bridge’s concrete deck, sidewalks and median, due to high traffic and corrosion of reinforcing steel from de-icing salts.

The median deck overhangs are substantially corroded. They have required regular patching and removal of loose and deteriorated concrete.

These repairs are no longer effective at preserving the bridge and a long term solution was needed.

The work on the bridge is a major rehabilitation and will extend the lifespan of the bridge by up to 75 years with routine maintenance and periodic renewal.

Source: City of Winnipeg

There will be at least one lane of traffic available in both directions at all times and the centre lane will change direction to suit the rush hour traffic direction.

During the morning rush hour, there will be two lanes of traffic in the northbound direction and one lane in the southbound direction. In the afternoon, that will be reversed.

The work on the east side of the deck and roadway are expected to be completed by October 2011.

The traffic will then be shifted with two lanes of traffic in each direction for the winter.

Work will start again in April 2012 with traffic will be shifted onto the reconstructed east side of the bridge and roadway while work proceeds on the west side.