The addition of trafic circles in various parts of Winnipeg has been a controversial move. ((James Turner/CBC))

Incumbent Winnipeg city councillor John Orlikow is accusing his election opponent of dirty politics and has filed a complaint with the city clerk's office.

Several people living around Grosvenor Avenue and Waverley Street in the River Heights-Fort Garry ward received a leaflet in their mailboxes during the weekend.

'Shame on him for criticizing residents for getting involved in the process.' —Michael Kowalson

Sent by an anonymous group calling itself The Concerned Residents of River Heights, the leaflet criticizes Orlikow about the area's traffic calming projects.

The city recently installed controversial traffic circles in the area as well as a concrete barrier on Harrow Street, blocking vehicles from going between Academy Road and Wellington Crescent.

Both construction projects have been met with anger from some residents.


Coun. John Orlikow believes his election opponent may be violating rules by sending out a leaflet that has not been declared as an election expense. ((

Orlikow has spoken in favour of the circles but has said he will seek to have the city tear up the barrier.

The leaflet, however, accuses Orlikow of failing the neighbourhood and ignoring his responsibility to consult residents before the barriers and circles were built.

Orlikow said he did some investigating about the leaflets and discovered they are being sent out by people linked to Orlikow's opponent Michael Kowalson.

Orlikow filed a complaint with the city clerk's office, suggesting the Kowalson campaign may be violating election spending rules because the leaflets are undeclared, off-book spending.

Winnipeg's senior election official Marc Lemoine said he will investigate if all rules have been followed.

"We'll certainly investigate this particular case," Lemoine said.

"Certainly candidates are required to make all proper contributions, make them themselves and identify those contributions for their own campaign," he said.

But Kowalson denied Tuesday that anything improper happened.

"I didn't write, design, pay for the printing [or] organize the distribution of any of this," he said.

"It was concerned residents. And John, I think, shame on him for criticizing residents for getting involved in the process."