Opera Mouse

CBC: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Company: Sisterscene for Kids

Genre: Musical

Venue: 32 — Kids' Venue

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Opera Mouse is a little bit Beatrix Potter and a little bit La Boheme

Kids will love Tilly Mouse, the opera-loving heroine. She's an independent little critter who bucks conventional thinking that "A mouse can't sing/ A little mouse does just one thing/and that's squeak and run around and never ever make a sound." Despite the odds, she pursues her dream of singing opera. 

Bona fide soprano and Fringe veteran Melanie Gall uses her considerable vocal talents plus puppets to grab kids' attention. And she gives them plenty of chances to holler out their ideas, sing along and even step into the spotlight.

This is a perfect show for introducing little ones to the high art of opera in a thoroughly entertaining way.

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