Cue the Five Man Electrical Band: Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs

The auction action was hot and heavy in Stonewall on Sunday for items once considered junk but now worth hundreds and thousands of dollars.

McSherry's Auctions held what's become one of its most attended sales for old gas station and soft drink signs.

An entire subculture of collectors were hungry for some very rare metal signs of products that don't exist any more such as Snow White Cream Soda and White Rose gas station metal tins. 

Some of the more noteworthy items included a 1940s Black Cat Cigarettes metal sign that hammered down at $9,000.

A 1940s Orange Crush sign nabbed $1,400 as did a large plastic sign from the now-defunct ROCO gas station.

McSherry's consigns most of the items and has these sign sales a couple of times a year.