A student has been suspended from a junior-high school inthe small town of Oakbank after other students were shot with a pellet gun.

The incident happened Friday morning, before classes began at Springfield Middle School in Oakbank, just east of Winnipeg.

Duane Brothers, superintendent of the Sunrise School Division, told CBC that students were gathered in a multi-purpose room in the school whentwo plastic pellets were fired froman air gun.

One student was hit in the arm, the other in the face, near an eye. Neither student was seriously injured.

"This is something we would call a level-three suspension, in which we would need to bring a student … for a meeting with divisional staff, together with their parents, to really get our heads around intention and what exactly happened, before we proceed with providing an education for them," Brothers said.

He would not speculate on the reason the student brought the gun to school.

During a debriefing with students after the incident, several students indicated theyowned guns similar to the one used in the incident, Brothers said.

The division's code of conduct bans weapons fromall of itsschools, including Springfield Middle School,which teaches children in Grades 6 through 8.

The RCMP were notified and are investigating the incident.