Health officials in Manitoba say they have checked their supplies for flu vaccines and only one per cent of the stock consists of Novartis products.

Federal health officials suspended the distribution of Novartis flu vaccines after a problem was discovered by the manufacturer.

"Manitoba Health has checked the provincial inventory of 2012 flu vaccine supplies and has determined that about one per cent of stock shipped in Manitoba is from Novartis," officials said in a news release issued Saturday.

Still, officials have told health care providers to check their stock and stop using the affected products until further notice.

"There have been no serious adverse events reported to be associated with the use of Agriflu or Fluad use in Manitoba, Canada or Europe," officials added, referring to the products affected by the recall.

The problem has been linked to the detection of particles in the flu vaccines, although officials added that "the particles noted in the Agriflu vaccine are not thought to affect safety or effectiveness of the vaccine."

According to officials, in Manitoba, Agriflu accounts for about one per cent of flu vaccines distributed in the province. No Fluad has been distributed for use in Manitoba.