A Winnipeg pet rescue group is giving some dogs from northern Manitoba a new lease on life, including a 13-month-old pup that arrived malnourished and underweight.

Twiggy, a golden lab cross, was rescued from a northern reserve on Thursday and brought to Winnipeg and the Happy Tails Pet Adoption Centre.

The bumps of Twiggy's spine are visible, as are the ribs. Centre co-founder Lisa Filiatrault says the dog had been fending for herself and couldn't find enough food.

"It's pretty heartbreaking, honestly," Filiatrault said Tuesday.

"She's a beautiful dog, she has an amazing temperament, and it's really awful just to see a dog in that condition."

Donations for Twiggy's care have already started coming in at Best Friends Animal Hospital. It's estimated that she will need about a month to recover from various health issues before she can be adopted out.

As she recovers at Happy Tails, Twiggy will soon be joined in Winnipeg by her four-month-old puppy.

The centre is also helping another dog rescued from another northern community: Hazel, an older dog that is facing a number of health problems.

"She's got heartworm and Lyme Disease and mammary tumours, so we've got some things to take care of before she's up for adoption," co-founder Karina Smith said of Hazel.