An inquest into the 2005 shooting death of teenager Matthew Dumas by Winnipeg police has found racism was not a factor in the incident.

Manitoba provincial court Judge Mary Curtis said she found nothing in the evidence to support the claim that Dumas' death was as a result of racism.


Matthew Dumas, in an undated family photo. ((CBC))

An aboriginal man, Dumas 18, was shot by police in Winnipeg's North End in January 2005.

"On an objective analysis of the evidence, I find nothing in the evidence to support the claim that Mr. Dumas’ death was a result of racism," the judge said in the report released Tuesday.

"Mr. Dumas’ behaviour and choices drove the events which led to his death on Jan. 31, 2005."

Police officers at the inquest testified they thought Dumas was attacking one officer with a sharp instrument when he was shot during a confrontation on the street.

The judge issued one recommendation: that police recruits should have two days of dynamic scenario training so they can assess different ways to handle similar confrontations in the future.

The judge also said training should be available at intervals throughout an officer's career.