No charges will be laid in the recent discovery of a dozen elk carcasses near Duck Mountain in Manitoba late last month.

Investigators with Manitoba Conservation told CBC News there is no evidence to lay charges in the matter.

The officers reviewed a 45-second video that was posted on YouTube in late December, showing about a dozen elk carcasses.

Elk hunting is licensed in Manitoba. First Nation hunters are not subject to limits, but they are not allowed to waste or sell the animals they harvest.

In this case, investigators interviewed the hunters involved, who were aboriginal and said they shot the elk to feed their families.

Officials also determined that the hunters had permission to access the private property where the animals were harvested.

Manitoba Conservation says it has asked the hunters to submit samples of the harvested elk, which will be tested for chronic wasting disease.

Officials say they are conducting a survey to determine the elk population in western Manitoba, as well as considering a ban on deer and elk feeding and baiting there.