Winnipeg now has its own magazine for parents of children with autism.

The new magazine, called PACE, will be released for the first time this week by a group called Parents of Autistic Children Everywhere.

“Basically the magazine is going to say, ‘You know what?  You're not alone. We're here to help,’” said Mike Wilwand, one of the magazine’s founders.

PACE magazine

PACE magazine debuts in Winnipeg this week. The magazine is dedicated to parents of children with autism. (Lindsay Tsuji/CBC)

Wilwand has six children and four have autism.

"We talk a little bit about eye contact — a lot of different lists of resources there. So if someone's looking for extra therapies, extra play times, some of them are in there," he said.

Arlene Reid is a part of Parents of Autistic Children Everywhere. She said the group has always been a welcoming place for parents.

"It does amazing things for the family as well, too. It gives us a chance to do things together and not get ridiculed or made fun of or the looks you get when your kid has an outburst or they behave inappropriately," said Reid.

The magazine will be available for free at doctors’ offices and schools around the city as well as online.

Wilwand said the magazine will have advice and resources for parents, as well as “ways to reach other families and caregivers and parents who were looking for somewhere, some advice, somewhere to go even just for a shoulder.”