A new report says the City of Winnipeg stands to save millions of dollars every year if it makes a number of changes in its public works department.

City officials commissioned an external review last year in August to find out how the city could cut costs in the department.

KPMG was commissioned with completing the report and the results were released Friday. The report suggested 25 changes amounting to $5.5 million per year in savings.

The report offered some short and long term solutions, including changes to the way city does its residential snow removal. It also called for modernizing the city’s construction permit process and better managing overtime of city employees.

KPMG also said the city could save more than $1 million a year if it made some changes to the department’s capital investments.

The report looked at the department’s operations and compared it to other cities of similar size.

Right now, the department employs about 650 full time workers and 900 seasonal or part-time workers. The department’s operating budget was $132.2 million in 2013.

The price tag for the report was $287,500.

A city committee will review the report’s recommendations on Wednesday.

Read the full report here: