The Assiniboine Park Zoo has a new resident.

new bear cub

The cub, which has yet to be named, checks out her new digs at Assiniboine Park Zoo Wednesday. (Assiniboine Park Zoo)

An 11-month-old female polar bear cub, orphaned earlier this month, has arrived from Churchill.

The zoo's director of zoological operations, Dr. Brian Joseph, said the zoo flew the cub from Churchill to Winnipeg Wednesday morning.

The new cub will join another 11-month-old cub, Aurora, and two 2-year-old males, Storm, and Hudson.

new polar bear cub

The 11-month-old female will join three other bears at the zoo, destined for the Journey to Churchill exhibit opening next year. (Assiniboine Park Zoo)

Joseph said it's not uncommon to have a number of orphaned bears.

"There are little polar bears that are orphaned all over Canada continually," he said. "And generally nobody knows about it, either they're dispatched by a hunter, or they're dispatched by a bear. These three that we acquired recently just happen to be in the Churchill area," he said.

Joseph said when the Journey to Churchill exhibit opens in 2014, there will be room enough to house up to a dozen polar bears.