A new program has launched in the North End to help families find healthy food in areas where grocery stores are scant.

“Eating healthy is hard. Eating health is expensive [and] especially if you live in the North End, it’s hard to get access to healthy food,” said Lissie Rappaport with Food Matters’ Our Food, Our Health, Our Culture program.

She added it’s getting increasingly difficult with multiple big chains closing down their grocery stores in the area.

Healthy Eating

This Our Food, Our Health, Our Culture pamphlet has information on where to find healthy foods in the North End. (Meagan Fiddler/CBC)

The program comes with a printed guide, recipe cards and in-store tools to make it easier to spot healthy choices.

Avenue Meat Market on Selkirk Avenue is one of about 20 stores that are part of the program.

Owner Mangesha Kitane said he makes a conscious decision to stock his store with healthy products.

“It’s a good thing to have the fruits and vegetables in your meal all the time,” said Kitane. “We provide most of the fruits and vegetables in the area.”

In order to be featured in the North End Healthy Eating Project, stores have to “have passed our healthy food criteria, so that meant they have a variety of fresh produce and healthy canned goods,” said Rappaport.